Professional Cancer Coaching:

Cancer Treatments Critical Factors

We will provide the cancer patient with the described therapies for the following eight (8) Critical Treatment Factors that a leading-edge oncologist can prescribe to improve the odds of long-term survival and possible cure.

The fundamental message is to have your oncologist thoroughly assess the individual characteristics of your tumor, your blood system, and available treatments. Based on this evaluation, patients can interact with their oncologists to determine what therapies may work synergistically with standard conventional treatments.

The objective of this multimodality approach is to attack tumor cells where they are most vulnerable. The primary determining factor in choosing the specific drugs is finding the various tumor cell and blood tests recommended in this protocol, along with historical statistical data that can help ascertain how your tumor will respond to specific therapies.

The eight steps in determining the success of your treatment plan.

   Step One: Evaluating the Molecular Biology of the Tumor Cell Population

  Step Two: Analyzing the Patient's Living Tumor Cells to Determine Resistance to Chemotherapy

   Step Three: Protecting Against Anemia

   Step Four: Inhibiting the COX-2 Enzyme

   Step Five: Suppressing Ras Oncogene Expression

   Step Six: Correcting Coagulation Abnormalities

   Step Seven: Maintaining Bone Integrity

   Step Eight: Inhibiting Angiogenesis

Implementing the Eight Steps

A patient might be prescribed several treatments in addition to standard therapy for the purposes of inhibiting the COX-2 enzyme, suppressing the r R as oncogene, protecting against anemia/hypercoagulation, inhibiting blood vessel growth in the tumor (angiogenesis), maintaining bone integrity, and so forth. While these therapies are substantiated in the published scientific literature and most are part of mainstream medicine, few cancer patients are benefiting from this knowledge. If you are determined to wage modern medicine against your tumor, some or all of these therapies should be considered, depending on your individual situation. Your oncologist will have an immense respect for you and will find it refreshing to speak with a patient who is educated in his disease and who is exploring all aspects for his recovery. As your coach I will be happy to accompany you to your appointment(s) at your request.