Nutritional Oncology

Nutrition is the composition of sustenance that supports the body’s growth and repair mechanisms. Good or bad nutrition is determined by its level and quality of raw materials, the body’s nutrient deficiencies or excesses, sensitivities to different foods, whether the digestive and elimination organs are functioning properly or if they are in disrepair from too many ingested or emotional toxins. As you can see many factors will determine the ability of our cells to assimilate and absorb nutrients optimally. So what do you think is influencing your cancer? No matter your genetic code, we each have very limited ability to support poor nutrition over the long term. Let us break this code for you!

Nutritional Oncology is the application of specific isolated nutrients whether through whole food or therapeutic supplementation that is indicated to encourage or discourage the risk of certain cancers and to help set the stage for the quality of life for those cancer patients who utilize them wisely. As my (our) client, you will learn the raw materials that your body needs to transform your health. I guarantee you will enjoy discovering the specifics of your own nutritional code and how it can determine your happiness, energy levels and lifespan. Over the course of our time together, you will learn to master the nutritional needs of your own body and how magnificently they truly work at healing!

Nutritional Applications for Tissue Repair & Symptomatology
Learn how to neutralize cancer’s chemical reactions and…

  Discourage Free Radical Damage and cancer aggression with antioxidants
  Strengthen Cell Membranes so they are less vulnerable to further cancer causing carcinogens
  Convert Harmful Estrogens to safe estrogens and to detoxify carcinogens that are already present
  Inhibit the Aromatase Enzyme to block the formation of  bad estrogens
  Keep the Body Alkaline
  Regulate Insulin and Blood Sugar
  Decrease Inflammation
  Increase Tissue Oxygenation
  Decrease Blood Viscosity, Keep Blood Moving, Improve the Microcirculation
  Normalize Fungal Stages in the blood
  Help to Preventing Metastases
  Help to Repair DNA
  Encourage Apoptosis (the self-destruction of cancer cells)
  Block the Division of Rapidly Dividing Cells
  Break Down the Hard Protein Coating around the tumor
  Increase Immune Strength
  Block Angiogenesis (Angiogenes is solid tumors developing new blood vessels for further growth)
  Remove Toxic Metals
  Detoxify the Bowel
  Remove Yeast & Parasites from the most prevalent areas of the body
  Detoxification Drainage of the Liver, Kidneys, Lymph to enhance cancer fighting organ health

Daily Nutritional Support

You are provided comprehensive daily nutritional guidelines that are relevant to you both during your active cancer and post-remission. Post remission guidelines are relaxed and offered as a permanent maintenance protocol to encourage good health without a recurrent cancer.

Your personal nutrition program includes the Restore30™ digital series.  This book provides a menu of recipes for 54 meal and food options.  Use this for 30 or more days and you’ll be on your way to restoring a healthier immune system. It is like having a personal soldier on your side, watching out for enemy attack – waiting to jump in and save you.