Lifestyle Oncology

Let’s reactivate your body’s magnificent ability to heal!

Research over the past 40 years shows that lifestyle factors play a huge role in cancer incidence and mortality. In Lifestyle Oncology we’ll address the everyday obstacles to good health and healing that are associated with day to day living at home, work and in our play environment. We all need to be aware of the effects of environmental pollution, poor dietary habits and how less than optimal lifestyle practices will impact our health and a cancer diagnosis.

For 30 days, it will be important to monitor and optimize daily, the following markers in the body - and we'll show you how in the following areas of your life.

Know Your Body’s Deficiencies
Symptomatology speaks volumes. In this section we learn about listening to the body as it speaks to us through symptomatology. Learn how taking control of the recognizable effects of excessive acid foods, an imbalanced thyroid, fungal and parasitic infections (and much more) will influence our inner terrain and daily well-being.

Exercise during Cancer
Many patients with the most dramatic recoveries from cancer are physically very active. Physical activity appears to be a way of releasing stress and tension, due to increased circulation and thereby also an effective way of changing your state of mind. Regular exercise and a modified diet will provide a way for you to participate in getting well. Ask us about the one most effective way a cancer patient can improve his lymphatic, digestive, circulatory and mental health to encourage recovery. It is easy, fast, convenient and anyone can do it, including the totally disabled - stroke patients, para and quadriplegics. You’ll love it.

Our Living Environment
Electromagnetic and chemical pollution in and outside the work, home and play environments; food additives including dyes, antibiotics and hormones; environmental and equipment radiation; parasites; organochlorines; heavy metals...where does it end. The sad truth is that it doesn't and it plays a real and significant role in illness today. Learn about the most common sources and what you need to know if you have cancer. Patients will have their home completely tested with an EMF meter for levels of electromagnetic pollution.

Daily Habits
Compulsions, obsessions, cravings and uncontrolled activities that we incorporate into our lives all become a contributing factor in a cancer diagnosis. Understand the important last word on improved sleep, laughter, fresh air, the forest, creative outlets, exercise, spirituality, sexuality, relationships, acceptance, letting go, grief, and then pick your new life-saving loves.

Impact of Stress on Cancer
Stress can be as simple as - not enough "me" time or as complex as a root biological or psychological dysfunction. Both however, can have a dramatic impact on overwhelming the physical and mental health of our existence. Left long enough without the right amount of will become a chronic disease culminating into one of the two or three requirements necessary to affect cancer in the body.

Your New and Amazing Life!
You will learn and experience the many satisfying outlets that build the immune system and will positively influence the outcome of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation – in addition to significantly increasing your quality of life and recovery odds. From the numerous positive options that cancer recovery depends on (well over 40), you will pick the ones you love best and incorporate them into your daily life. This and a supportive nutritional plan will become your foundation for a healthy transformation. Now you are in control…you are a cancer patient in charge of your own health, your recovery, your life, your future. You will be implementing what you feel best suits your needs for living a longer, more pleasurable life while discouraging a future cancer recurrence.