Introduction to the Cancer Health Program
What We Have to Offer You

Those diagnosed with cancer today find themselves at a historical crossroad. Despite multiple therapies from which to choose, no medical facility integrates cancer therapies into a comprehensive program. The result is that cancer patients are not provided an optimal opportunity to achieve long-term survival.

Discoveries are occurring in the research setting more quickly than they are being incorporated into clinical practice.

The challenge for cancer patients is to acquire enough information to take advantage of as many treatment options as is practical. Cancer is a complex disease that requires a multimodality therapy to provide the best odds of attaining a recovery. Many of the recommendations contained in the protocols require the cooperation of a motivated oncologist.

Cancer protocols are complicated and having the assistance of a Professional Cancer Coach will help you immensely. One reason for the complexity is that individual variables significantly affect therapy options.

Private Medical Coaching
If you would like a private all-inclusive coaching program to help you through your cancer – addressing your critical factors, surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, with a professional cancer protocol, diet, lifestyle and post-recovery care, drop me a note.

The private all-inclusive coaching offers the patient full and complete guidance specific to their diagnosis and medical treatments. We translate the vast amount of current knowledge into practical and “simple” formats for cancer patients and their oncologists. Tens of thousands of published papers were reviewed in order to propose novel methods for overcoming the multiple survival mechanisms that cancer cells use to resist eradication by conventional therapies. Something the average person just does not have the time or ability to do.

For the first time in medical history, with our help, the cancer patient can delve deep into the molecular aspects behind their disease and use this information in a practical manner. Those who believe in controlling their own destiny will appreciate how translational research is available to help them battle their disease.

Self-Directed Cancer Care

The Restore30™ Cancer Series is available in digital download format by email. It can be undertaken by the patient on his/her own or with my guidance as a level three 3 professional cancer-coach.

TheRestore30™ Cancer Series is for patients wanting to encourage a full and safe recovery - or simply to add quality of life to their palliative care.

*Only Certified Professional Cancer Coaches registered with the National Association of Professional Cancer Coaches (NAPCC) are qualified to supervise this program. NAPCC coaches are first and foremost registered health professionals from disciplines in Nutrition, Naturopathy, Psychology, Medical Practice and/or Oncology throughout Canada and the USA.