Detox Oncology

Detox Oncology is the study and practice of elimination or “detoxification” of an overload of toxins that have accumulated in the body’s cells in someone with cancer. The Cancer Nutrition plan in Series 1 is a natural and safe generalized detox for the cancer patient.

Patients with cancer anticipating surgery, chemotherapy and/or radiation will enjoy a much less problematic recovery when they undergo a pre-treatment detoxification that may include relevant herbs or foods. When stored chemicals and toxins in the cells are removed prior to inflicting additional toxins from surgical or chemotherapeutic drugs, or damaging radiation, fewer side effects will be had.

It is not recommended to start a radical detoxification while undergoing active cancer treatments. For example: A coffee enema during chemotherapy may cause an overwhelming release of toxins in the system of the patient, creating nausea and illness and possible excessive poisoning of the system. A simple cleansing of the liver (of all that goes in and on the body) will release stored toxins. The time it will take to do this is variable and depends on your medications as well.

As practitioners and cancer coaches, we recommended you begin by detoxifying the liver at an optimal pace by adhering to the recommendations for Phase One and Phase Two Detoxification. This is done privately with a cancer coach overseeing your progression. We pay close attention to the patient’s side effects during the detox in order to establish if he/she is detoxifying too slow or too fast. Concurrently, close attention is paid to the patient’s originating organ with cancer and locations of possible metastasis with this type of cancer. For example, if you have lung cancer, we ensure the lungs are supported by the detox we recommend as well as any possible organ of metastasis.

We will ensure the full body is cleansed for optimal encouragement of remission.

During the Coaching Process:

   Learn how toxins do their damage (in the initiation and progression of cancer); which ones you may find in your home or at the hospital, both as part of the raw materials used with medical treatments as well as the hospital environment itself, during a treatment or inpatient stay.
   Learn about your body’s personal clean-up crew.
   Learn the 10 necessary tools for detoxification
   Learn what IMMUNE enhancing herbs and mushrooms can help you.