The Cure for Cancer
is a Strong & Healthy
I M M U N E System

Prevention and Recovery from Cancer is contingent on a strong and healthy immune system…

Begin Rebuilding Yours Today!

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We will review your biopsy (pathology) report and your blood tests for important information that can determine cancer management and integrative treatment options available to you. You’ll learn how to improve your quality of life during your journey in order to discourage risk factors and side effects including secondary and recurrent cancers. With this information you’ll receive the corroborative studies to validate what we know. We encourage you to bring these to your doctor.
As a health professional and expert registered to teach cancer nutrition to doctors, nutritionists and patients, you will learn the best nutritive options for each stage of your cancer. You will receive the Restore30™ cancer series with ongoing support specific to your bloodwork, cellular chemistry and cancer type. We know that if anything can improve your prognosis and your quality of life – this will be it. You will feel the difference in less than a week. You’re going to love your results!
You may not want to believe that your lifestyle needs rescuing, but the truth is most cancers are of an environmental origin – which means that a recovery is very much within your control. Diet, energy patterns, emotions, psycho/social behaviours, relationships, are all influenced by the products you use and the air, soil and electromagnetic fields around you. We help you to change what you can in record time to encourage healing and to feel well again.

Want to survive? Then move forward. Take a look at personal change. You are bigger and more powerful than cancer or any of its treatments. Ron J.
How to survive? CHANGE and adapt! adapt! adapt! to that change. Know your treatment options and believe in the choices you make. Monica P.
Recovery is based on knowledge and action. It‘s about changing the things in my environment that helped my cancer to take root & grow. Darryl O.
Chemo & radiation won’t cure me or change what caused my cancer. Not compromising on my body’s nutritional and lifestyle needs will. Juliet S.
Change is difficult…not changing may be fatal. I have a plan. I’m working on my recovery with my cancer coach.She is brilliant! Ron L.

I’m learning about and experiencing integrative options that are making a difference in my quality of life. Freida M.

Cancer Coaches
for Real People with CANCER

Client Testimonial

My prostate cancer meant surgery for removal…with radiation and hormonal treatment to follow. The medical care I received from my cancer clinic and doctors was bare bones, with no extended services on nutrition, lifestyle or other ways to manage my cancer. My wife informed me of the National Association of Professional Cancer Coaches through a radio talk show she had heard on our local station. I was lucky to engage the services of a Cancer Coach. We had an in-depth revision of lifestyle changes that turned my life around. The dedication of this organization is remarkable. My medical prostate cancer self-help chapter was a bit of a disappointment because we bounced back and forth between urologists & oncologists with the same questions & answers. Never was there a discussion on life adjustments regarding sexual activity, erectile dysfunction, nutrition, etc. I cannot tell you enough how happy I am that I found my Cancer Coach to help me through this. I am enjoying quality years and a whole new life that I may never have had. I am grateful for her expertise and care . Henry Z, Stoney Creek, Ontario.

Client Testimonial

My Cancer coach is one resourceful lady. Competent, investigative, won't let you die with cancer on her watch. Her nutrition expertise in cancer is second to none. If she accepts you as a private client, she will go through your medical pathology, lab reports, health history, diagnosis, medical treatment program and more with a fine toothed comb. She will then give you a nutrition and lifestyle plan to build your immune system to the point of encouraging your cancer cells to commit suicide (apoptosis). She will provide you with medical options that your doctor may not have thought of. Options that include chemo-sensitivity testing, examining bone integrity, protection against anemia, correcting any coagulation abnormalities, inhibiting angiogenesis, suppressing the ras oncogene and so much more. Ask your doctor what he is doing to ensure that these things and more are being investigated and treated to encourage your safe journey and recovery. Your Cancer Coach will have you and your doctor on your toes to make sure everything is being done right, the first time.
Harold M, Hamilton, Ontario

MD Testimonial

As a physician with many years of training in radiation oncology and psycho-oncology, I wholeheartedly endorse NAPCC cancer coaches. Until now, I could not find the type of comprehensive care and support for my patients that they need. The clarity of the Restore30™ plan provides patients with the knowledge and skills to immediately begin taking a positive course of action and become proactive in the management of their illness. They can use the one-on-one coaching to help them decide on an optimal combination of treatment that should prove most effective and right for them. Along with information on how to make vital nutritional and lifestyle adjustments, it reveals points of vulnerability in a cancer patient’s life, that he or she needs to change, how to make the change, and how that change will maximise the potential for long-term sustainable health. Most importantly, the profound emotional and spiritual experience of illness and healing comes into clear focus through the coaching on mind/body medicine. I highly recommend the Certified Professional Cancer Coach for patients who are living with cancer. I will be recommending NAPCC Cancer Coaches to all of my patients from this day forward. Sara Jenkins, M.D. Radiation-Oncology New York, New York

NAPCC Cancer Coaches are registered practitioners from various disciplines.  Nutrition, Psychology, Nursing, Medicine and more. Your Name is endorsed by the NAPCC and strongly represents an experienced, ethical and professional coach who gives her best to improve the lives of her clients with cancer.  She is available to work with you and your physician, to achieve the best results possible.

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